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Sunday, December 16, 2012

74 Pink LED's: What To Do?

Dear reader, I need a spark of an idea!

Years ago, deep in the throes of a solder fume jag, I bought TWO "1-31-07 Memorial" kits from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories: one Ignignokt, one Err (seen below, on the moon). Wikipedia: "2007 Boston bomb scare" article linked here for posterity.

The Mooninite kits are the same except for the different bags of LED's, and while I soldered up Ingingot in no time (at right), Err's kit became a parts donor. In shuffling through some old parts, I just found its big bag of BIG 10mm pink LED's-- says 68 but I counted 74. So big! So PINK!!! They scream for a project of their own.  Free association... LED's make flashy things... flashy things for Burning Man... boogie at Pink Mammoth.... er, do they need a sign?

What would you do with 74 BIG PINK LED's?!