Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Getting Out Of Bed: PPAC Major Components

The "Princess and the Pea Alarm Clock" (PPAC) has been working beautifully, waking me up with "buzz" alarms and literally getting me out of bed with "inflate" alarm functions! I will post more photos and videos soon, but first to outline the alarm clock's major components:
  • Alarm clock: LeSueur peas tin can containing the main circuit board, jog/shuttle dial and button input, 16x2 character LCD display, modular handset cord jack, and female 6-pin FTDI cable jack.
  • Power block: Power input/output circuit mounted in a plastic iPod Nano box, with input DC power jack and regulator, relay input power jack, two relay-switched output jacks, modular handset cord jack, status LEDs, and main power switch.
  • Valve tree: Brass and plastic fittings around the main trigger solenoid-controlled sprinkler valve, with quick-release fittings on both ends, manual safety valve before the trigger valve, and manual release valve.
  • Air pressure source: 10-gallon (red) or 5-gallon (yellow) air tanks, both with pressure gauges and female quick-release connectors, usually filled to 110-120psi.
  • Air bladder, aka "Pea": Green exercise ball between my mattress and box spring, with a hose ending in a male quick release fitting.

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