Sunday, January 3, 2010


I reworked the one-layer board to got everything routed nicely in two layers, and etched it last night with the layers very well aligned! Now to get flux-- without it, the vias need their own little lead, which is quite a pain. I'll build it out today and test it, then look at board house prices for making a minimal order, seeing how many I'd have to order to get the price down to $10/kit (with no extras). I wonder about rebuilding it in KiCad though-- I've about had it with EAGLE's inefficient UI.


  1. Why do Arduino boards have the little zig-zag on one edge? Wouldn't a simple rectangular board work just as well?

    (The weird pin spacing was apparently a mistake, according to )

  2. Not sure of the origin of the right edge zig zag, but I like how the standoff mounts fit in the corners of the bit that juts out.

    That odd pin spacing is here to stay, it seems. Since the goal of the board is to fit shields, it's pretty important to include.