Thursday, September 9, 2010

Arduino Coffee Control Success!

This morning, Liz woke up, tapped the bookmarked link on her iPhone, and then tapped "Click Mr. Coffee ON Button." A few minutes later, she went downstairs and was greeted with a fresh, hot pot of coffee :)

The circuit for Mr. Coffee ended up being different from what I'd planned when I got everything assembled for a final test: switching on power to the unit did not start the brewing; it needed to have the "ON" button pressed! So instead of switching power on with a relay, I soldered wires to the "ON" button's sides and ran them to the same relay. I edited the sketch in ten minutes to close the relay for a half second, uploaded it, and it worked perfectly.


  1. Hi! Look at my coffe controller. Text in russian... But photoes in english :))

  2. nice project ...