Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Minimal*duino V.96

I've done a little work on my "Minimalduino" Arduino-compatible board design lately:
  • Moved the fourth standoff mount hole to line up with the Uno's new fourth standoff hole (which they didn't make aligned to the one across the way!).
  • Fattened up the traces to make it more home-etcher-friendly: .016" and .024" traces, .018" min. separation.
  • Spread out the components, reduced the jumper count, and removed the I2C header.
  • Added pads for a mini USB jack, for power only. (I'm not sure about the grounded heat sink of a 7805 shorting to the 5V trace so I put in a solder bridge, but it's fine for making at home using real wires for the top layer jumpers.) So many options for powering this sucker!
Files can be found here.

Thinking about running this at 3.3V, I don't think it would work right for programming or for running with the FTDI cable attached.

Update: I had some v.97 boards made (DorkbotPDX order ftw!), same as .96 but with curvy traces and a few parts moved a little, here's one assembled:

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  1. Hi Jeff; I really like your board; the uC at a jaunty angle is a pretty cool. Have you had any made by PCB fabricators that I can order from?

    Other than being able to be powered by mini-USB cable you don't really have a point of differentiation from other minimalist boards such as the Volksduino or KitTen.

    What would be awesome is an FTDI programmable Arduino form-factor board with auto power switching. A contradiction in terms, I know, but I think the demand is there.

    Just a suggestion...

    Thanks heaps also for your work on the Arduino compatible hardware list, it's my first port of call when deciding which Arduino is best suited to a project.

    Best regards,