Tuesday, April 21, 2009

PPAC Progress: RTC, Jog/Shuttle

I got my old test sketches working again for the DS1307 clock and jog/shuttle controller, and suddenly everything is working...:) It's "just" a matter of software and hardware layout at this point [gulp!].

RepRap Day?

4/20 has been a banner day for the RepRap Foundation with the release of the V2.2 extruder controller board and news of the first RepRap-printed circuit board.

The controller includes H-bridges, MOSFET drivers, RS485, thermistor circuit, and lots of little niceties. While currently offered only as a $30 SMT kit, the impressive assembly how-to makes surface-mount soldering look not so scary.

And printing a circuit board is... just astounding! For all the criticism levied against RepRap's claims of (eventual) self-replication, this step says to me that RepRap has real legs-- it's not just an open source 3D CNC platform with an insane goal. The resulting board functions as an optical end stop for a RepRap-- to Rhys Jones, I offer my humble [APPLAUSE]!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

BrewTroller Brewing Control System

Excellent project out today: BrewTroller - Brewing Control System. Starting with the Sanguino layout, Jeremiah Dillingham built out a custom 1-sided board with a great interface-- rotary encoder and character LCD display. Nice use of RJ11 connectors for temperature sensor input, plus a 6-pin rotary encoder header and screw terminals for other connections. (via Hacked Gadgets)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Smapler v0001r2 by BlushingBoy

That's a lot built-in-- audio out, SD, keyboard port, vreg... doesn't expose pins so is it "Arduino-compatible"? Very nice-- I like blushingboy's stuff.

Prioritizing Projects

Too many parts and projects lying around-- need to nail down an order and finish something soon!

PPAC should be the first priority-- I've gotten it to work, but attempts at packaging it have been held up by the fact that I'm still not sure about UI and whether I even want to use high pressure air or a pump. Would be great for a contest, but not unless it's (1) done and (2) demonstrated through video. First-things-first time:

  • EAGLE: set up with display, jog/shuttle, RTC, buttons, switch, power, and output. Don't worry about whether output is to relays or oo's,
  • Arduino: get a good program working on the breadboarded circuit,
  • Figure out best fill/empty plan,
  • THEN start laying it out in 3D for the final build.

Next up (while figuring out ppac fill/empty plan) is a working growduino with relays, no sensing, no logging, and no solar-- don't try everything at once! Better to get something growing.

The invervalometer is so close, but needs:

  • To be reeled back to the breadboard after the stuffing problem-- Arduino OK?!
  • Panasonic-capable trigger,
  • Serious power system consideration.

The mutetater should be a simple build:

  • Limit to Sony since that's easy to read, and I have Samid's old Sony TV,
  • Breadboard > potato should be simple using a dorkboard with female header pins.