Friday, May 14, 2010

Rounded EAGLE Routing?

Trying to spread traces around, I wondered how the rounded wire bend routing options worked in CadSoft EAGLE. There's a free-form, spline sort of wire bend option, and I went around to all the traces on the latest minimalduino version (which needs a better name btw), widening and pushing and pulling traces to try to fill empty areas. Sort of looks hand-drawn, kind of hippyish. I was hoping to find a way to eliminate one of the jumper wires, but no luck. I introduced an air-wire, actually, but can fix that with a little nudging.

Not sure whether to get a few of the rounded or "normal" versions when the DorkbotPDX PCB order is due. I got the idea trying to arrange the traces in the lower left and upper middle areas, after working in some patterning in the diagonals. Your opinions are most welcome!

Update 5/21/10: The mail to Laen at DorkbotPDX never sent?! Went to mail him asking him if they worked out, and the mail was in "Drafts". Stayed up late Sunday night tweaking them and... crap! Guess I'll have to wait for the next order; had a 3-digit 7-segment display board too, based on an SAA1064..:(