Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Comprehensive Arduino-Compatible Hardware List?

I can't find a complete list anywhere, so here's my stab at it, starting with the list at arduino.cc, Make's 2008 Arduino Gift Guide, Freeduino, Adafruit, Sparkfun, Seeed Studio, RepRap, Wulfden, [more]. Not sure about the Orangutan and mpguino since not all pins are exposed, and unsure of Teensy boards since they need custom Arduino IDEs.

Update (June 16): I revised the spreadsheet and messed around with font and cell sizes to make it more easily viewed in-line here, plus it should update automatically as I add or edit boards. Happy hacking!

Update... ALL THE TIME!: This is constantly being updated as new Arduino-compatible boards are announced!

Click here for the spreadsheet on its own in Google Docs.


After trying to stuff the intervalometer circuit into a jar a few days ago, it just hasn't worked right. LCD goes blank in trigger and shoot modes, and it doesn't trigger the camera, though the serial output is right. The backlight "peek" function has stopped working too.

Using the protoshield on my "proper" Arduino has been too limiting space-wise anyway-- time to transfer to a bigger breadboard with an Boarduino or iDuino to sort things out and finalize the controls and ports in Eagle, plus I'll have room to mess with audio amplifier circuits and FZ20 vs. EOS remotes.

Had an idea about an Arduino variant this morning (in the shower of course) but wonder if something like it has been made already... is there a comprehensive list of *duinos anywhere?

Monday, March 16, 2009

IR receiving success

Following this example on rtfa.net, I'm reading remote codes from all of my Sony remote controls-- works like a charm! Need to make sense of the Arduino timing code, then I'll try the RC5 example from 5volt.eu.

Update: I programmed all of the codes for my RMT-V203A and even took it apart to put the window back in and to try getting FF to work-- still no good. Found a list of Sony VCR codes and commands, and it looks like that's them, with 1408 added, or 10110000000.

Mutetater: IR work

I was able to get an IR LED to snap the trigger on my Rebel XT following jaycee's example in the Arduino forum-- pretty simple code.

It looks like I'll need to use more complicated, standard remote control protocols for "mute"-- RC5, RC5X and RC6 come up in searches, and Allesandro Lambardi did much of the legwork programming Arduino to read RC5 signals.

Time to dig through the TV-B-Gone threads at Limor's forums...

Ping... ing... ing...

Using a bunch of Arduinos for projects, it makes sense to post about it to help keep track of what I'm doing.

Current in-progress projects:
  • PPAC: Princess and the Pea Alarm clock: "pea" inflates to eject whiny princess (or, um, me) from bed,
  • Intervalometer-in-a-jar or "intervalomejar": time lapse camera controller with beam break, light level, and audio triggers,
  • Mutetater: TV mute control with a potato (seriously),
  • EL-wire suit: audio level meter of EL-wire,
  • Cheapo general-purpose PID-based temperature controller,
  • Growduino w/logging, solar power,
  • Smart shower controller,
  • [more...]