Monday, March 16, 2009

Ping... ing... ing...

Using a bunch of Arduinos for projects, it makes sense to post about it to help keep track of what I'm doing.

Current in-progress projects:
  • PPAC: Princess and the Pea Alarm clock: "pea" inflates to eject whiny princess (or, um, me) from bed,
  • Intervalometer-in-a-jar or "intervalomejar": time lapse camera controller with beam break, light level, and audio triggers,
  • Mutetater: TV mute control with a potato (seriously),
  • EL-wire suit: audio level meter of EL-wire,
  • Cheapo general-purpose PID-based temperature controller,
  • Growduino w/logging, solar power,
  • Smart shower controller,
  • [more...]

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