Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Comprehensive Arduino-Compatible Hardware List?

I can't find a complete list anywhere, so here's my stab at it, starting with the list at arduino.cc, Make's 2008 Arduino Gift Guide, Freeduino, Adafruit, Sparkfun, Seeed Studio, RepRap, Wulfden, [more]. Not sure about the Orangutan and mpguino since not all pins are exposed, and unsure of Teensy boards since they need custom Arduino IDEs.

Update (June 16): I revised the spreadsheet and messed around with font and cell sizes to make it more easily viewed in-line here, plus it should update automatically as I add or edit boards. Happy hacking!

Update... ALL THE TIME!: This is constantly being updated as new Arduino-compatible boards are announced!

Click here for the spreadsheet on its own in Google Docs.


  1. Jeff, Thanks for compiling the List.

    Another more general Arduino list is at:


    - TonyD
    - zuzebox.wordpress.com

  2. You might want to add the Meggy Jr. - http://www.evilmadscientist.com/article.php/meggyjr - It's not Arduino-shield compatible, but it's programmed through the standard Arduino IDE.

  3. The Peggy 2.0 is also Arduino compatible (programmed through the Arduino IDE).

  4. This is a great list. Thanks for all the hard work.

    I'm pretty sure the RBBB is now shipping with the Atmel 328 (select Duemlianove on Arduino software).

  5. Just an update: ArduPilot is now shipping with an ATMega328.

  6. Thanks for the comments-- bloggers [heart] commenters-- I'll add everything I can find! Skimmed over the Freeduino index initially but will try to find all other available variants listed there. Peggy 2 and Meggy Jr. are on the list now (definitely "maybe not" Arduinos ;), and I revised the ArduPilot info.

  7. You may want to add Wiseduino, if you consider so.
    Link here:

  8. Thanks Florin, I added Wiseduino-- very cool board.

    As for the spam comment-- huh?! Blogger won't let me moderate...:(

  9. Jeff, you already saw the Duino644 :)
    Please consider including it in your reference list.
    The link is here:
    Thank you.

  10. Florin, I've added your Duino644-- excellent board, should sell out in no time!

  11. Jeff, thanks for maintaining this list. Some updates for you w.r.t. the JeeNode: it's now v4, it runs at 3.3V, it accepts 3.5..13V as input. And in case you want to add more: there's now also a JeeNode USB v2 (same size and specs, but with USB i.s.o. FTDI), and a JeeLink v2 (w/ USB in stick-shaped case, no external pins, on-board 1 Mbyte flash). All have the HopeRF radio on-board.

  12. Found yet another to add to the list.. Combination Arduino & Prototyping board.. Pretty awesome cool.

    Check it out here (specs) :


  13. Applied Platonics has the Volksduino, a higher-power, Atmega328, FTDI/SPI, shield-compatible clone. All the details at http://www.appliedplatonics.com/volksduino/

    Thanks for compiling the list!

  14. It's 2012 and I am NOW just stumbling onto this?... Sigh... As good as Google is, I sure wish I found this years sooner.