Monday, October 4, 2010


The laser has distracted me from Arduino-based pursuits for the last few weeks in spite of the Uno and Mega 2560 release (and subsequent kerfuffle) and the open source hardware summit and Maker Faire in NYC. Making a better ventilation and filtration system takes priority since I'll be able to make all sorts of things when I can run the laser whenever I want:
  • Cases and case front panels
  • Button caps and custom lit buttons
  • PCB etching (removing masking paint)
  • PCB post-etch scoring and labeling
  • PCB solder mask cutting
  • Motor mounting and simple gearing (like this?!).
Update 1/3/2011: I think the laser tube died on Dec. 29...:( Was engraving fine on one pass, then was just marking-- not cutting-- the next. Will try to repair, or else... replace? Rabbit or Epilog? [sigh]