Monday, May 16, 2011

MinimalDuino 107 Pattern

After submitting the 105c version to the DorkbotPDX PCB order, I mentioned I'd make one at home, but the traces looked so thin on paper and I didn't like the routing of gnd to the crystal area, so I made a few changes to optimize it for toner transfer and home etching.

Here's a shared folder with the updated, v107 EAGLE files and a 600dpi jpeg for toner transfer. See the low res at right, or click for higher res; get the full res jpeg here.


  1. Love it! My only issue is that (as has happened many times) I can't get the ground plane fill to show / print in Eagle. I've tried all the silly workarounds I know short of filling it in in Photoshop.

    I've made a few changes (only bringing out a few of the pins for instance) in order to turn this into a standalone / smaller board, and I hope to get it all up and running!

  2. Rats nest should resolve and draw in the plane, it doesn't load up filled for some reason, strange...