Thursday, June 16, 2011

3-Digit 7-Segment Display With an SAA1064

Working on the grinder timer project, I built out a basic circuit (EAGLE .sch) with an NXP SAA1064 and resurrected a test sketch (Arduino .pde) for it. The SAA1064 works beautifully for driving common anode 4-digit 7-segment displays with constant current per segment, from 3 to 21 mA in 3mA increments; in this case I'm only driving three digits since that's what the design calls for.

There are two buttons in the test sketch (on D10 and D11), the first to change count modes (seconds, tenths, hundredths, hex, and "chase") and the second to cycle through the seven current settings.

This schematic is identical to one I did a board layout for with an SO24 package chip, but for some reason those boards didn't work; maybe something in manufacture or assembly bridged pins somewhere. I'll redo the layout and see what happens, with vias further from pads.


  1. Thank you for spending time to make this vedio and article. It's really a great guide.

  2. I got the boards back from Laen and they work!

  3. Hi Jeff, I'm trying to construct a 3 digit counter using your SAA1064_Ic2_display_test3 sketch, but I'm stuck with lots of "clear_display' was not declared in this scope.....'set_mA' was not declared in this scope etc. I'm obviously missing something here - could you point me to the solution please?