Wednesday, August 10, 2011

(F)Light Suit Major Components

The main components of the (F)Light suit:
(Updated 8/15/11)
LED stripsDealExtreme 22 strips with connectors, need sealing and velcro backing.
8-channel MOSFET Output BoardsDorkbotPDX board orderThree built and tested, work perfectly
Arm accelerometers Modern Device Left one on main board, right attached with 3-wire lead across shoulders
Black flight suit Amazon Needs velcro for LED strips
Arduino-compatible main board: Minimalduino 105 DorkbotPDX board order
Arduino interface board: Adafruit protoshield Adafruit Industries Done, ready for mounting and cable threading. Ports for MOSFET output boards, right accelerometer, remote control, audio sensor
Remote control homemade, various parts Needs laser-cut acrylic surround, rot 2 flaky
Batteries eBay 12V, 4800mAh Li-ion battery packs with barrel connectors, powering third MOSFET board.
Audio input: ZX-Sound board Test, add light, change connector, paint, velcro back
Missing anything?

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