Tuesday, January 31, 2012

MRF24WB0MA Not Working... Yet

I tried the test sketch from the i/o Blog, and... nothing! The Script got stuck in the initializing() function, and kept resetting every few seconds. I added a little debugging to narrow it down, looks like it just won't connect. To do:
  1. The wiring: I need to check everything, I really thought it was wired up right. Also I wonder about grounding more of the module's pins, to be closer to the WiShield schematic (right).
  2. The module might be having a hard time talking to my AirPort, so I'll try turning off security for testing. If that doesn't work, I'll try setting up a second network with one of the misc. wireless routers I've got in the digital dustbin.
  3. Look around for other simple example sketches, there might be more info on this module and Arduino in the links I scraped together for the first post on the module.


  1. Have you seen this?
    references this:
    contains code and another shield design with an SDcard.

  2. Did you manage to make it work? I saw a comment on the i/o blog:

    "I think there is a bug in WiShield driver. In file g2100.h there a three registers are defined 0x2F, 0x33 and 0x35. But in library files from Micorchip (MFDriverPrv.h) register 0x33 and 0x35 (in g2100.h) are defined there as 0x31 and 0x33. So I'm surprised that this driver works correctly. "

    I hope that his helps, I am looking forward to experiment with this module and now that I saw this blog post I am having some second thoughts on this module.

  3. Where did you ever end up on this?