Friday, May 25, 2012

Arduino Leonardo Available!

It has been a while since the design was announced, but Arduino Leonardo boards are actually making their way to vendors-- you can get one now! (Er, if you can find one, they seem to have sold out of Adafruit and SparkFun...)

The big change with this board is the switch from the ATmega328 to the ATmega32u4, which includes built-in USB, so no more FTDI chip or secondary ATmega to handle USB. Other substantial changes that will affect compatibility:
  • SPI not connected to digital pins
  • I2C pins now D2 and D3
  • more analog inputs
  • separate USB serial
I feel bad for shield-makers needing to rework things for this layout, but such is progress I suppose.

With 32U4-based boards being available and officially supported in the new IDE, I'll [sigh] add just added them and a few clones to the spreadsheet over the next few days:

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